What is Liftoff?

On September the 13th in HUB385, 10 amazing startups run by entrepreneurs up to 25 years of age, will meet and pitch their ideas.

Teams will present their products, services, platforms, businesses, employees, solutions, clients and business models. Based on the presented information and information obtained during the examination, a committee of 10 local experts will evaluate startups.

The best-rated startup will win 100,000 HRK of non-refundable funds for the development of your business at the end of the day.

Applications last until the end of August and afterwards, top 10 applicants will be selected and contacted for their final preparations.


Please upload your application as one document (pptx. or pdf.) not bigger than 10MB. Your application should consist of all necessary information as described in the Rule Book.

Application form

We will contact you over email with additional information.

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Nenad Bakić

Investor, philantropist, serial entrepreneur

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Hrvoje Balen

Algebra - Board President

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Mate Rimac

Rimac Automobili - CEO

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Lordan Kondić

Vipnet - Marketing Director for private consumers

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Nikola Stolnik

Good Game Global - CEO

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Miran Pavić

Telegram Media Group - CEO

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Martina Rizman Matić

Vipnet - Corporate Communications Director

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Tomislav Car

Infinum - CEO

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Ivan Brezak Brkan

Netokracija - CEO

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Sergej Ivasović

MSAN - Marketing & PR Manager

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